Wherever and in whatever situation you are, you can bond with us as missionaries of mercy.  How?  Put in your prayer  intention for all of us to hold before the God of mercy to bless.  Among our  intercessors are the souls who visit Fr. Efren at 3 o’clock every morning.

In “Leave a Reply” you may write the full name of the person you want to pray for and his/her birthdate and year.


93 Responses to “Prayer Intentions”

  1. Beth Bautista Says:

    Please pray for the continuous recovery of my mother Elenita Bautista on her breast cancer, for my sister Maribeth Bautista to pass her board examination and for my father Gerardo Bautista to pass his interview..

    1. Beth Bautista Says:

      Birthdate :
      Elenita Bautista – March 26, 1965
      Maribeth Bautista – March 27, 1992
      Gerardo Bautista – May 11, 1959

  2. Marynor Zarraga Says:

    Please pray for the healing of Jenna DC. Francisco,, due to premature , 6 days old naka-incubator,, naka-confine sa Dr. Jose Fabella Memorial Hospital, birthday March 19, 2013. Her twin sister died last march 20, 2013. Right now her lola texted me na pinasukan na sya ng tubo dahil kinakapos na ng hangin. Thank you very much po for you prayers.

  3. elena cardona gamboa Says:

    Please pray for the healing of my mother Carolina Nicolas Cardona, DOB-January 10, 1941, she was diagnosed of a stage 4 lung cancer
    Thank you po and God Bless

  4. BABY DIZON Says:

    DANG R. DIZON – JUNE 2, 1954, BABY N. DIZON – SEPT. 25, 1967 AND JUANA YAGUEL – AUG. 19, 1929

  5. BABY DIZON Says:



  6. allen leyte, nov 27, 1971 Says:

    complete healing of his PTB.

  7. Rachel Cutanda Says:

    Dear father Momoy, Please help me pray for the complete healing of my husband Michael Cutanda from cancer. He has been battling cancer for 9 years now. Please also help me pray for him that The Lord heal him not only physically but also emotionally and most specially spiritually. May only son Miguel is also sick for 3 days now. Our family is feeling gloomy. Please pray for us that The Lord strengthen us, our faith. I am very desperate. I need help. My family needs help. Please help me!!! Please pray for us. Thank you so much PO.

  8. susan lontok Says:

    Dear Fr, Momoy,
    Please continue to pray for my complete healing po. M better than when I first wrote to you. April 14,but nadaan pa din po yung parang magkakaatake ako so I have to shelve my plan to go out and resume my previous activities, running minor errands and makapunta ng Manila for my daughter.Magtuloy-tuloy na po ang paggaling ko sa anupamang sakit ko. Also for financial blessings so I can contribute to my medical and other household needs. Susan Lontok -February 28, 1958
    Please also pray for the healing my good friend and kumare – Lily Ebora – November 30,1940 Me lung cancer po siya, late stage na po.
    Also for the healing of another kumare and good friend – Rosario (chato) Panaligan – October 29, 1949 – me heart ailment, diabetes, malabo na po ang mata niya and other ailments she may have
    Prayers also for my brother Reynaldo Carino – diabetes – June 15, 1950 and sisters:
    Charito Carino – January 3, 1953
    Thelma Mestidio – July 21, 1955
    Estela Pelagio – October 2, 1964

  9. mj lim Says:

    please pray for a miracle healing of my brother, James Lim, 55 byears old,October 12, 1956, who was diagnosed with cirrhosis of the liver. The doc says his liver has been damaged by scar , about 70%. Nothing is impossible to God. He will perform signs and wonders to him. thank you

  10. Bhebe Says:

    Please pray for Jennet Fernandez. diagnosed of pituitary macro adenoma and neurofibroma (c5 c6). undergone surgery of gallbladder last year. and cant afford for another surgery.

    1. Bhebe Says:

      Birthday- September 10, 1976

  11. Hannah S. Inigo Says:

    Fr. Efren,

    Pls. pray for my daughter Maple Yvaine S. Inigo, 7 mos. old. She was born prematurely at 8 mos. last Sept. 8, 2011. She was diagnosed with Atrial and Ventricular Septal Defect. She’s under medication as of now. Our family is also praying that the holes in her heart will already close.
    Also pls. include in your prayers my ninang, Mrs. Herminia Fajardo, whose suffering from stage 4 breast cancer. she’s getting weaker because of her edematous left arm. Yesterday she was diagnosed w/ water in her lungs and enlarged left kidney. Please help us Fr. Efren. Godbless you and your ministry.

  12. V. Mapua Says:

    Please pray for my mother Mrs. Nita Mapua, for the complete healing of the problem in her abdomen. Thank you so much and God bless you all.

  13. Kristine Says:

    Please pray for my aunt, Raquel Custodio, born August 16, 1974 who is suffering from Gastritis and Goiter. Please include her in you prayers. May God Bless us all. Thank you.

  14. Kristine Says:

    Please pray for my aunt, Raquel Custodio who is suffering from Gastritis and Goiter. Please include her in you prayers. May God Bless us all. Thank you.

  15. kristine Says:

    May we know your daily schedules. ?

  16. Tita Says:

    Please pray for Mary Joy Pagador Saure.. she is only 2 years old and diagnosed of Lymphoma Malignancy. Her Birthday is March 31, 2010. Thank you

  17. Father Momoy,
    please pray for my aunt, Helen Martires, for her recovery from the heart operation and also her poor eyesight. thank you.

  18. Eladia carlos Says:

    Please for my aunt,she’s suffering from liver cirrhosis,diabetes, and hypertension.she’s in hospital right now.

  19. belen evangelina b. rosco Says:

    Please pray for my son jerald b. rosco and born on december 13, 1974 that his dream to work in dubai as a nurse be realized; that the monetary considerations for his plan to work ion dubai be met at this point in time.

  20. kaye lucas Says:

    Please pry for my mom
    Sept. 22 1957
    – she’s a cancer patient, she’s very very sick and weak now, the pain is intense she would cry every day just to pee.

  21. Sheila Mirandilla - Porteza Says:

    Good morning, please pray for my mother Adora S. Mirandilla, she’s suffering from ovarian cancer, she cannot undergo chemotherapy through IV because everytime we start the treatment her body is badly reacting with the medicine and suffers from asymptomatic attack. She had suffered twice heart attack and felt body numbness todate. Oral medication seems not responding with her body. Her birthday is October 13, 1959. Thank you very much

  22. susan lontok Says:

    Fr, Borromeo
    Please pray for my complete healing po. Me asthma po ako and Oct.I was confined. Then January 17, mild attack. on and off ang sakit ko. March 8 na confine uli ako. Until now with all the medications, di pa rin po ako umaayos.Sabi ng Doctor, sumumpong din gastritis ko.then nasabay yung death ng kapatid ko last March 6 pati anxiety/depression daw. yung previous confinement ko po ay i think 1994 pa.then one year ago me nakita na polyps sa gall bladder ko. previous po ay may nodule ang thyroid ko. naggagamot na rin po ako for osteoporosis. Please pray po for my healing from all my ailments.susan lontok February 28, 1958
    Also for financial independence.
    Also for complete healing of my daughter, Che-che asthma also although mild yung sa kanya, and maayos po ang uterus niya so she won’t have dysmenorrhea and also some small cystic bukol sa both breast niya.
    Also for stable job, safety whereever she is and protection from all negative elements. Ma. Suzelle Lontok, October 25, 1985

  23. angelita f. bernate Says:

    Complete healing for my elderly mother, Loreta Diaz FIDER DOB: 16 October 1926…milld stroke, and osteoporosis…

    For good and perfect health of greatgrandson, Julian Jaeron Custodia-BO, DOB: 01 November 2010, especially complete healing from bouts of seizure and convulsion each time he is with fever, colds and coughs…

  24. angelita f. bernate Says:

    For financial freedom, Honoria G. Olayvar 17 February 1949…especially the means to pay for my house and lot, for the children’s tuition fees, and other personal debts…for good health, peace of mind, reconciliation with brother Rolando and sister Teresita.

    For peace and harmony in the family.

    For improvement of relationships at the office, at home, within the family.

  25. angelita f. bernate Says:

    gudam. PLEASE pray for the fast recovery of my husband, Alfonso Lim Bernate, who suffered a mild stroke last 07 feb 2012. todate, he is feeling numbness on some parts of his body. B-day: 11 october 1950.

    ALSO, for my sister-in-law, stage 2 breast cancer…undergoing continuous medication. Name: Edna Bernate-Dacanay b-day: 16 December 1959

    ..also for a neighbor friend, GIRLY PASTOR CONSOLACION, stage 4 cancer of the liver, confined since 27 Feb 2012 at the Mary Johnston Hospital, Tondo MM…

    For Maria Victoria Fernandez Buenavista, stage 2 breast cancer…undergoing medication…22 October 1969 (approximately…please

    For Ma. Alma Consolocation J. BO – 11 Nov 1970… breast tumor,benign…for full recovery.

    For Jocelyn D Custodia and her reconciliation with family and children…enlighten her decisions.

    For conversion of the childlren:
    Jonathan Earl J. BO 21 July 1992
    Kimberly Marie J. BO 01 0ctober 1994,
    John Patrick Russelle J BO 22 June 1996 and
    Jean (pronounced as JOHN) Francis Gabrielle (male) 30 January 1998…that they may prioritize their studies and avoid bad companies and relationshjps.
    For Nelson A BO, 15 August 1970 for his job acceptance in Canada.

  26. Marynor Zarraga Says:

    Please pray for my husband, Donato Zarraga for healing of hypertension and arrythmia, birthday april 10, 1964.

    Norma Redome, heart ailment, birthday – April 14, 1945

    Dionito Redome, Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease, Birthday – Jan. 15, 1943

    Rey R. Redome, healing from all forms of addiction, spiritual, emotional healing.

    Thank you very much and God bless you all!

  27. claudette Says:

    Name- Dolores Villacastin 7/10/37 will have a full recovery from parkinsons disease and her shortness of breath
    claudette pagar- 9/11/70 will get pregnant and will have a healthy child/children
    frances villacastin- 9/11/70 will find a loving,faithful husband and will have a family/children
    Alexander villacastin- 6/14/38- will stop drinking alcohol

  28. Lielani Elli Says:

    pls pray for the healing of my parents esp my father who suffers fron TB
    Claudio Palay
    June 8
    Tb, diabetes, high blood pressure
    Merlinda PalaL
    July 4
    high blood pressure, suffered mild stroke

  29. Agnes Merza Villanueva Says:

    Fr. Momoy please pray for the early recovery of my wife Agnes Merza Villanueva 48 years old. She was born on August 14, 1963 She has a breast cancer three years ago and metastasized to bone and liver last year. If it is okay to talk to you here is our cellphone number 0917 5336953. Vic

  30. Lottie Says:

    Good morning po. Please pray for the following persons:

    1. Ma. Theresa G. Peralta- cervical/ovarian cancer stage 3 and currently undergoing oral chemotheraphy.JANUARY 26, 1965
    2. Alexander Gallardo – colorectal cancer stage 2 and currently undergoing chemotheraphy JUNE 9, 1938
    3. Augusto Gozon – coronary heart failure AUGUST 2, 1956
    4. Doris D. Gozon – gallstones DECEMBER 24,1956
    5. Dominique D. Gozon – hormonal imbalance and wanted to be blessed with a healthy and normal baby MAY 25, 1984
    6. Rocelle G. Alamanzor – had a miscarriaged but sitll hopeful that they will be blessed with a healthy and normal baby soon MARCH 31, 1974
    7. Teresita N. Dimaculangan – chronic pulmonary disease OCTOBER 11, 1934
    8. Florencio A. Dimaculangan – emphaysema NOVEMBER 8, 1932
    9. Romano Gabriel Eusebio – asthma NOVEMBER 14, 1991
    10. Lauro C. Landrito – drug addiction NOVEMBER 9, 1968
    11. Don Dimaculangan – undergoing dialysis

    1. Carlota E. Landrito JUNE 25, 1964
    2. Juanito C. Landrito DECEMBER 27, 1962
    3. Francine Ann E. Landrito JANUARY 13, 1992
    4. Ma. Celina E. Landrito JANUARY 13, 1996
    5. Jalyn Micu JANUARY 19, 1985
    6. Emma C. Landrito DECEMBER 5, 1960
    7. Milagros N. Castillo NOVEMBER 27,1955
    8. Leonides C. Landrito APRIL 18, 1964
    9. Calix Sebastian D. Del Mundo JULY 2006
    10. Chloe Syreen D.Del Mundo DECEMBER 2009

    1. Jason Augustus D. Gozon APRIL 11, 1983
    2. Lauro C. Landrito NOVEMBER 9, 1968
    3. Edith L. Estacio

    May the good Lord extend His healing hands upon these people through your intercession po. Thank you very much and God bless po.

    Lottie E. Landrito

  31. Kenneth Navarro Says:

    Please grant physical and spiritual healing to our family:
    1. Teodoro L. Navarro Jr – Oct 24, 1952 he had multiple strokes
    2. Jaren Kobe Atibagos – Nov 18, 2007 he has cerebral palsy
    3. to me, Ken Navarro – Sept 25, 1975 – i have an unknown sickness.

    Thank you and God Bless

  32. please po pray for the healing of my grandaughter brianna jesrel semilla.
    Birthdate: April 12, 2009

  33. rsm Says:

    pls pray for me im begging for our Lord to grant my miracle prayer for quite so long and i believe that He is listening,watching and fully aware of our prayers. thanku and i pray you may continue to help many more people to find their refuge in the true living God

  34. maria theresa casibang Says:

    Please pray for the complete healing of my Daughter Maria roma Getueza suffering epilypsy for more than 10yrs now.she was 24 yrs old born June 15,1987..

  35. Beth Bautista Says:

    Please pray for the complete recovery of my mother Elenita S. Bautista for having breast cancer.She is 47 years old and born on March 26, 1965..and also for my father who is having hypertension and heart disease.He is Gerardo B. Bautista 52 years old born on May 11, 1959.Thank you very much and may God bless you!

  36. grace sikat Says:

    Fr Momoy, I would like to ask for your help in praying for my year-old nephew IAN LAURENE BELANO SIKAT born on August 24, 2003. He’s recently at Room 513 of TAYTAY DOCTORS at Taytay Rizal He was recently diagnosed with malignant brain tumor. As of now he has ventillator nahihirapan kasi syang huminga. Sana po matanggal ang tumor sa brain nya

    Sincerely yours,

    Grace B Sikat

  37. Beth Bautista Says:

    Please pray also for the quick recovery of my sister Maribeth S. Bautista born on March 27,1992 for having knee injury..Thank you very very very much.

  38. Beth Bautista Says:

    Please pray for the complete recovery of my mother Elenita S. Bautista for having breast cancer..She is 47 years old born on March 26, 1965. Include also my father Gerardo B. Bautista for having hypertension and heart disease, he is 52 years old born on May 11, 1959.Thank you so much for helping people and may God bless you always…

  39. Dennis Casing Says:

    I am Dennis Casing, with a birth date of December 29, 1982. I was diagnosed to have an infection of a deadly virus a few weeks back. Late April or early May of this year, the result of my medical exam will be released. Please pray for me that my medical exam would have a result indicating that I am free from the disease, and no trace of virus can be found in my body. I want to live a normal life again. Thank you very much. Thanks be to God!

  40. Ronald Villamin Says:

    Dear Fr. Efren,

    Please pray for my brother Reynaldo V. Villamin (born Oct. 22, 1961) he suffered a heart attack last Nov. 4, 2011. Now he have a kidney failure and doing dialysis every week and his creatinine level is increasing. It is difficult for him to undergo transplant because of his heart condition. Please help me pray for his healing. For the sake of her daughter who lost her mother in a car accident when she was just 3 y/o. Please give my brother a chance to be healed.

    I believe in God’s mercy and miracles that has been bestowed upon you hands. Thank you.


    Ronald Villamin

    Quezon City, Philippines

  41. Vivien Says:

    Please pray for my sister, Lulu Acosta-Babaran, who has ovarian cancer. She is 50 years old, born Oct. 11, 1961. Thank you and God bless.

  42. Imee Marie Maravilla Says:

    Kindly pray for my father Isidrito B. Maravilla born on November 29, 1954. He had an accident on November 10, 2010 and since then he could not move his right hand (from shoulder to fingers). Though some doctors suggested to amputate his hand, he declined because he strongly hopes and believes that soon he will be healed. May his strong faith and your prayers bring back the functions of his right hand and eventually be totally healed. Thank you and God bless

  43. Randy Yurag Says:

    Please pray for me. My name is Randy Yurag. I have an extreme dry eyes and conjunctivitis. I have been suffering for more than 2 years already. I already went for second opinion here in the Philippines and abroad but to no avail. THANK YOU.

  44. noralyn Says:

    Dear Father Momoy,
    Please pray for my husband, Darwin, he has a nodule on his left lung. Please pray and help us pray to Jesus that this nodule will disappear. Thank you so much!God bless you!When is your schedule here in bicol?thanks!

  45. annabelle Says:

    I want to correct the birthdate.. that is june not jan.,
    please pray for my mother,…. your prayers are big help…god bless

  46. annabelle Says:

    Please pray for the fast recovery of Amelita Datu, she was diagnosed of breast ca.,and for the passed 3 mos. her blood sugar increased… She is 58 y/o, her birthdate is on Jan. 4, 1953…..

    Thank you so much for the prayers….god bless…..

  47. Marianne Fullon Says:

    Marianne Fullon
    Born on May 11, 1956
    As of Feb 14, a suspected mass in the lungs
    In 2004, benign (water filled) lumps in breasts

    Thank you so much!

  48. Leo Says:

    Please pray for the healing of my mother, Zayda S. Topacio. She is now 71 years old, born January 1, 1941 and is still fighting pancreatic cancer after a radical surgery last Nov 25, 2010, which is now beginning to spread to her liver.

    With trust in our Lord’s mercy.
    Leo S. Topacio
    Imus, Cavite

  49. Gel S. Says:

    Please pray for the complete healing of the following:

    Francisco Estores – for complete healing (prostate problems, ulcer,
    DOB: February 19, 1939 eye cataracts, severe allergies)

    Elca Rugas-Estores – asthma
    DOB: September 28, 1945

    Anna Frael Estores-Sanz, – indigestion problems, bowel problems,
    DOB: March 7, 1972 infertility, bodily aches/pains, spiritual healing

    Louie John Sanz – for good health, and infertility problems
    DOB: March 22, 1973

    Franciel Estores-Sarmiento – for good health, and emotional & spiritual
    DOB: April 7, 1973 healing

    Bern John Sarmiento- for complete healing (has undergone retinoblastoma
    DOB: July 11, 2001 operation in 2002)

    Bernard Franz Sarmiento – for good health and emotional healing
    DOB: November 1, 1997

    Francis John Estores – for his safety and good health
    DOB: July 27, 1974

    Fraela Estores – for good health, and emotional healing
    DOB: August 4, 1980

    Rae Ann Estores – for healthy preganancy and emotional healing
    DOB: March 30, 1994

    Diony Sanz, Sr. – high blood pressure, ulcer
    DOB: January 4, 1948

    Lilian Pabiona-Sanz – for good health
    DOB: October 2, 1951

    Thank you, and may God bless you!

  50. Jonalyn Dela Peña Says:

    Hi Fr. Borromeo,

    I am sending you this email hoping you will treat our neighbor who is suffering from a disease. She is our family friend and she had already undergone a lot of chemothereapy sessions. Her family help us a lot when I was still studying in college. Her name is Sinia Benson (former barangay captain) of Mainit, Oslob, Cebu. I know this is the only way I can help her. I don’t know when her birthday is since I am currently here in Cebu City.


  51. Jonalyn Dela Peña Says:

    Hi Fr. Borromeo,

    I am sending you this email hoping you will treat our neighbor who is suffering from a disease. She is our family friend and she had already undergone a lot of chemothereapy sessions. Her family help us a lot when I was still studying in college. Her name is Sinia Benson (former barangay captain) of Mainit, Oslob, Cebu. I know this is the only way I can help her.


  52. Nedalin Miranda Says:

    Please pray for the healing of my parents:
    Edgardo M. Miranda (January 27, 1942). He suffered from heart attack last 1998 and has not fully recovered. He is now suffering from depression and insecurities.

    Ma. Paz L. Miranda (December 8, 1941). She is diabetic and hypertension.

    Ariel B. Latorre (March 9, 1969) – hypertension

    Thank you and God bless.

  53. Concepcion C. Antolin Says:

    Please pray for the complete healing of Concepcion C. Antolin born December 7, 1954, physical healing for the following: Hermogenes C, Antolin born December 26, 1952, Cheeny Marie C. Antolin born November 23, 1990, Shirley C. Antolin born December 31, 1977 and Temporal healing for Sonny C. Antolin to quit smoking and drinking alcohol.

    Thank you for your prayers and healing, Fr. Borromeo.

  54. Pls. pray for the complete healing of Adoracion A. Villan particularly her thyroid nodule. Her birthdate is Aug. 21, 1968.

  55. thethinkker Says:

    Dear Fr Efren and prayer intercessors,

    I humbly seek your prayers for:
    > my daughter Angelica Galang, 13, born on 29May,1998 to be healed from levoscoliosis and picky-eating disorder
    > my friend’s special friend, Lilibeth Woods, 30, born on 11Nov,1981 to be healed from a blood-related disease (atrial fibrillation & blood clotting) who’s now at the Asian Hospital
    > me to remove all mental, emotional & energy blockages and guilts so I may receive God’s wisdom and strength to know how to generate resources to continue my developmental work in reducing poverty; and earning enough for our basic needs. I’m Alrey Galang, 54, born 19Feb,1957.

    I send you beautiful thoughts of deep gratitude and God’s love in everything that you do. Dios mabalos po sa inyong lahat!

  56. ma. venus caraan Says:

    ma. venus caraan says:

    November 22, 2011 at 2:21 pm
    Good day Father Efren. I would like to ask for your help in praying for the speedy recovery of my father RODELIO T. MERCADO, suffering from internal hemorrhage that lead him unawakened for almost three (3) weeks now. Tomorrow he will undergo CT-Scan Test, with your help, we are hoping and praying that the results will all be fine.

    Birthdate: JULY 18, 1939.

    Thank you so much and God bless!

  57. From the children and wife of Adolfo Dadivas Says:

    Father Momoy, please pray for my father Adolfo Desales Dadivas, born on April 17, 1936. He was again admitted at the hospital here in Roxas City(Saint Anthony Hospital) on November 15 due to asthma exacerbation, right lung pneumonia and left lung pleural effusion. He was intubated today, November 16 due to respiratory distress. My father Adolfo was just recently discharged on November 11, after being admitted for 6 weeks due to bowel obstruction, anemia, enlarged spleen and respiratory distress. The surgeon performed exploratory laparotomy but after surgery he had multiple complications, he developed ascitis and was intubated due to respiratory distress. He has received multiple treatments, bouts of antibiotics and all kinds of medications but the doctors are having a difficult time treating him. Father Momoy, our father has been healthy all his life. He likes to tend to his farm and his farm animals. After only being at home for 3 days, he is now back at the hospital with the symptoms stated above, with abdominal distention. He has a pressure sore in his buttock from the last admission and due to the pain,he is so uncomfortable and is unable to sleep. He currently has an NG tube and is on a ventilator. Please,please, Father Momoy, pray for his healing and recovery. It breaks our heart to see our father in this conditon but we trust in the Lord that he will receive complete healing.

  58. wowieroque Says:

    Please pray for the following persons:
    Levi C. Roque (lower back pain/ hypertension/ vertigo) – Nov. 11, 1969
    Renros Ryan Roque (cough/ allergic rhinitis) – Jan 02, 2004
    Rosetta G. Herrera (knee cap for replacement/ osteoporosis/ hypertension) – July 18, 1939
    Reynaldo A. Herrera (hypertension/ Stroke) – May 04, 1936
    Flora C. Roque (vertigo) – July 06, 1937
    Gilda Reyes – March 05
    Rosario De Leon – Nov 15
    Marilou Montebon – November 17
    Wowie Roque (asthma/ vertigo/ polycystic ovaries) – December 16, 1974
    Naty Lansang (osteoarthritis)
    Armando Lansang (hypertension)

    Thank you very much.

  59. Nelia Lobrio Villorente Says:

    good evening father, please pray for my husband who has chronic hepatitis b. He got this since 1994. Thank God, he is still with us..We were married only in 2008, the feast of Anunciation. We were blessed with a child despite difficult pregnancy on Feb. 19, 2010…God has been very good to us…

    Name: Elmer Villorente
    Birthday: Jan. 5, 1968
    Concerns: Chronic Hepatits B.

    Thank you and God bless..

  60. Ma. Lourdes Amante Says:

    Please remember us in your prayer petition the following:

    Ma. Sofia Amante – ailment: heart,lungs,pancreas, colon & liver.
    Birthdate: May 24, 1966
    Ma. Lourdes Amante- ailment: Polycethemia Vera(abnormallity bone marrow) & hypertensive.
    Birthdate: Feb. 11, 1951

    Maraming salamat po!


  61. Cynthia M. Marquez Says:

    Hi Fr. Efren. I’m Cynthia M. Marquez, a staff here in ASI. Dr. Reynaldo Romero advised me to ask for your prayers on behalf of my father, who is now confined at the Antipolo Medical Hospital, a diabetic and who is due for an operation because his prostate has grown quite big and his PSA level has already reached 95. The doctor told me yesterday night that my father may already be suffering from prostate cancer. Please, I am fervently begging you to pray for my father, his name is Jose Madla Marquez, Jr. and was born on December 26, 1942.

    Thank you so much.

  62. Wilhelmina S. Says:

    Please pray for the healing of my daughter Maria Rosario P. Nuyda.
    Birthdate: October 18, 1975.
    Ada N. Peralta for complete healing
    Birthdate: June 14, 1973
    Rolando M. Peralta -arthritis/calpal tunnel syndrome
    birthdate: Oct. 13, 1949
    Erwin T. Nuyda – gout/arthritis Birthdate – August 21, 1972
    Christopher S. Peralta – high blood pressure/fatty liver/overweight
    birthdate: Nov.14, 1973
    Wilhelmina S. Peralta – high blood pressure/ overweight
    Birthdate : Ocotber 7, 1948
    Thank you so much and God bless!

  63. Amor Paulita G. Arabia Says:

    Please pray for the complete recovery of Angelita Soccoro Gillego Villafuerte, she has Multiple Sclerosis for more than 15 yrs., she is 47 yrs old. born on August 26, 1964.

    Thank you. God Bless.

  64. Bob Says:

    Please pray for our 16 year old son Mark, who has severe Pancolitis of the large intestine that is not responding to medicine. He will have to have his large intestine removed if the medicines continue to fail to work. We are running out of time. Please pray that the Lord will grant a physical healing take place for our son. Thank you for your thoughts and prayers.

  65. let valbuena Says:

    Please pray for the spiritual, psychological and emotional healing of VERNON LESTER VALBUENA, His birthday is January 9,1985.

    FOR THE healing of all bodily ailments , soul and spirit, mind and emotions of VERGEL VALBUENA (June 1, 1955) Lourdes Washington (October 21, 1947), Bayani Guevarra (September 26, 1944), Genoveva Guevarra (January 3, 1923)

    Thank you and God bless Fr. Efren B. and the Trinitas Healing Ministry.

  66. Please pray for the complete recovery of Nieves Reyes. She is 52 y/o born on Jan 25, 1959. She was just transferred from CCU to her own private room.
    Thank you.

  67. Please pray for the complete healing of Aida G. Azul. She is 51 y/o born January 21, 1960. She was diagnosed of pancreatic cancer last March 2011. At present she’s undergoing chemotherapy.

  68. Bev T. Compay Says:

    Good day Father Efren. I would like to ask for your help in praying for my sister Luzvilla T. Zotomayor. She’s recently at Room 1422 of De Lasalle University Medical Centre in Dasmarinas, Cavite. She was recently diagnosed with aneurysm in the brain and cerebral infarction, and is suspected of having a condition called Arteriovenous malformation. Based on the results of her CT scan and MRI, there is a bleeding in the right temporal lobe of her brain. May the good Lord extend His healing hands upon her through your intercession. Maraming salamat po and God bless.

    Sincerely yours,

    Bev Compay
    Calgary, AB, Canada

  69. Bev T. Compay Says:

    Please pray for the healing of my sister Luzvilla T. Zotomayor. Birthdate: March 21, 1965. She is suffering from Arteriovenous malformation(cauasing bleeding in the brain) which is a rare case and is considered a medical emergency. Thanks and God bless

  70. Susan Arce Says:

    I would like to request for prayers for my husband FLORENTINO B. ARCE born September 5, 1947. He has been diagnosed with a colorectal cancer. Please Fr. Efren Borromeo and those who will read this message, please pray for the healing of my husband. He is a good father, a good christian and a devotee to our Blessed Mother. We fully trust in the Divine Mercy of the Lord. Thanks.

  71. anka from poland europe Says:

    please pray for died kinga bolek czeslaw wlodek jurek mary dariana tomek stanislaw wladyslaw wlodek jan elizabeth weronika basia barbara for died family named chrzastowski kotowicz zapalski kowalski przybielski gibowski giedrojc raubic kotowicz grasskreutz melnicki for unborn children for good life and health for wanda zenek bozenka anna natalia janina oliwia hubert for good time for private medical firm

  72. Domingos Says:

    Please pray for the complete healing of my sister Conceição Monteiro Pina. She is 50 years old born in Portugal on Jun 10, 1961. She was diagnosed as having pancreas cancer. She has 2 children. God Bless

  73. bing amano-matibag Says:

    Juan Ponce A. Matibag – January 9, 2008

  74. bing amano-matibag Says:

    Please pray for the healing of my father Lamberto Amano who is currently under dialysis. His birthday is April 17, 1946.

  75. marianne Says:

    Guy Fish would like prayers for Chron’s disease that is newly diagnosed wtih many other illnesses. Birthdate: March 28, 1965

    Thank you!

  76. marianne Says:

    Tawna Nelson suffers from a rare disease called Erythromailaga. She has been in in extreme pain for the last 20+years as her feet and legs are burning from the inside. She now has developed a love for the Blessed Mother. Birthdate: June 24, 1975

  77. alex marin Says:

    Hi my name is Alex Marin from Milton Ontario Canada and I had a MRI of my head done on Feb 18 2011 due to headaches and it shows a possible mass/tumor and now I have a second MRI scan for this Friday May 13 to see again if I have a tumor and I still suffer from headaches and my wife is pregnant with Lord willing our first child. I meet with a neurosurgeon May 18 to find out the results. Please pray for me thank you!!!!!

  78. jamaica cope Says:

    fr:momoy, ang name po nang aking baby girl ay c KENDRA ELAJAH COPE RAPIRAP po. always u din po aq e pray for healing ung ano q po dati ung hepa B. q po always u po aq fr:momoy e pray for healing. thanks po again lovelots,jamaica

  79. jamaica cope Says:

    fr:momoy, this is jamaica cope po. remember po? ung hiniheal u po aq ung taga tabaco po na relatives u po. thanks GOD po coz, nanganak na po aq last last 2009. baby girl po. thanks GOD po coz, na ligtas po aq sa pag panganak q po. kaso po hinay blood po aq. minanas po aq. mabuti po agad na agapan aq. ng MAY 13,2009.po aq nanganak. sinisaryan nalng po aq. mabuti po nakaligtas aq.coz, na highblood po aq. baby girl po ang baby q. mag totwo years old na po sya now na MAY.thanks GOD MATABA po sya. and healthy po.now po may masakit po sa akin na matamlay po ang kaliwa q po na paa and kanang paa. pati po legs na kaliwa and kanan. cramps daw po eto sabi ng Dr. po na tito q na c Dr. clyde cope. hope po e PRAY for healing po nindo aq FR: MOMOY always na sana gumaling na po aq. dito sa pag tanglay kang bitis q po. may mga varicus vein po kc aq.cramps daw po eto.always you po aq e pray for healing.pati din po ang COPE FAMILY AND OCAMPO FAMILY AND RAPIRAP FAMILY. patirin po ang baby q always u din po e pray for healing.ang name nya po ay c KENDRA ELAJAH COPE RAPIRAP. May ubo po sya now.thanks po and GOD BLESS ALWAYS. HOPE wait q po message u po sakin. thanks. its me jam

  80. Elma T. Barbudo Says:

    Elma T. Barbudo – July 24, 1977

    prayers for healing for my breast cancer…and fatty liver and high blood sugar as result of chemotheraphy drugs…thank you very much fr. momoy

  81. Richelle R.Aquino Says:

    I’m Richelle Aquino a breast cancer patient,34 years old born on January 05,1977.Please pray for me.

  82. rina resurreccion Says:

    Please pray for the healing of my husband Antonio V. Resurreccion, Jr. Birthdate: October 11, 1959

  83. Wendelie Says:

    Please pray for the complete healing of Antonio Q. Ranera. He is 34 years old born on April 17, 1976. He was diagnosed as having liver cancer.

    Thank you and a Blessed Christmas.

  84. Wendelie R. Ranera Says:

    Please pray for the complete healing of Antonio Q. Ranera, 34 years old, born on April 17, 1976..He was recently diagnosed as having liver cancer..Thank you and a Blessed Christmas too.

  85. Agnes Says:

    Please prayer for Jennifer Lominoque, she is 35 years and have a small child. She is suffering from cervical cancer and is now spreading to her brain.

    Thank you.

  86. Rio Chipeco Manotoc Says:

    Please pray for my dad, WILFRIDO M. CHIPECO, born on October 24, 1948. He has mass and lesions in his liver and a T11 compression fracture. Thank you and God bless po.

  87. Rio Chipeco - Manotoc Says:

    My dad’s complete name is WILFRIDO M. CHIPECO and his birthday is OCTOBER 24, 1948. Thank you.

  88. Rio Chipeco - Manotoc Says:

    I would like to ask for prayers for the Complete Healing of my dad, Willie Chipeco. He has a T11 fracture of the spine and doctors found a mass in his liver. Thank you very much. God bless.

  89. Chettie Legaspi Says:

    Name of persons to be prayed for:

    Cecilia Legaspi-Tan – May 22, 1980
    Luis Antonio Legaspi – September 20, 1980
    Lorenzo Hernandez – April 1, 1942
    Lourdes Sianghio – May 19, 1944
    Roland Patrick Sianghio – May 28, 1971
    Samuel Del Puerto – April 1, 2007

    Thank you for your prayers.

  90. Dra. Marevelyn Matic -March 19,1974 Says:

    Please pray for the healing of my niece Dra. Marev Matic. She has undergone a kidney transplant years ago and lately the MD found out she has a failing kidney and is weakening rapidly. Kidney transplant is now illegal in the Philippines without a legit donor. The MD mentioned Marev’s kidney has only 6 months or so to function, otherwise another transplant is a must.

    1. Please pray for my mother, Irene L. Carreon, who is hypertensive, has heart ailment, has diabetes, recently hospitalized for gastric ulcer, and for three (3) days now cannot walk due to arthritis.

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