Healing is an integrative, communal process.  We have a team of healers led by Rev. Efren Borromeo, a Roman Catholic priest of the Society of Our Lady of the Trinity (SOLT).  He is endowed with special gifts of healing.

Fr. Efren (also known as Fr. “Momoy”) is a Catholic priest of the Society of Our Lady of the Trinity. After a traumatic accident, Fr. Efren discovered his God-given “gift of clairvoyance and healing”. Through his naked eye he is able to see internal organs, malignant masses or metastatic cancers. Fr. Efren also brings the gift of healing to many sick patients. With special permission from his congregation, Fr. Efren devotes much of his time to his healing ministry. Collaborating with medical doctors, he has increasingly shown the widened scientific base of integrative healing—the thesis of his dissertation.

Sr. Sonia Punzalan, R.C.
Sr. Mari Ramos, R.C.
Celeste “Eyes” Gonzales
Carmenchita “Ate Ching” Daclan
Veronica “Baby” Julian
Belen “Leny” Plaza
Rebecca “Becky” Lopez
Josie Sadul
Erlinda “Ate Linda” Mercado
Nina Robledo
Winnie Espiritu
Flora “Mommy Flora” De Los Santos
Claire Manzano
Lourdes “Luding” Cruz
Liza Salunoy
Maybelle Masangkay
Louie Julian
Carlos “Caloy” Plaza
Randolph “Randy” Borromeo
Luis “Boy” Lopez
Edward “Ed” Unson
Willie Masangkay
Manny “Mancio”  Amancio
Mr. Beltran
Dra. Pinky Baclig M.D.
Dra. Wilhelmina Santos M.D.
Dra. Rose Yap M.D.
Dra. Ma. Josefa Yanga M.D.
Dr. Voltaire Maniquiz M.D.

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  1. […] Rev. Fr. Efren Borromeo (Fr. Momoy) visited Regina Mundi again.  He celebrated an Anticipated Mass on Saturday, June 18, 2011 at 4:00 pm inside the Vanier Hall of Regina Mundi Retreat Centre.  Healing service followed after the Holy Mass. […]

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