Healing is a unifying energy of
Compassion for the regeneration of all creation.


We appreciate the truth that
the healing of the soil, of the soul and of society is imperative to our survival.

We strive to nurture,
within a community setting,
an appreciation that health
is an interplay of social, emotional,
spiritual, cultural and cosmic well-being.

We accept that healing
is not limited to the healing of the body
but more importantly to the healing of the heart, of the spirit and of relationships.

We are open
to people of all creeds, religions and/or teachings and to all modalities of healing.

We come to serve
with the spirit of love and compassion
for the sick, the caregivers,
the volunteers and the healers.

Our Prayer

Lord, open our hearts
to the silent, healing presence
of the Spirit of Your Son  within us.

Lead us into the mysterious silence
where Your love is revealed to all who call.
Come, Lord Jesus, come.