Healees’ Testimony

Healing at a “Distance”


I am Jesus M. Aguas, 62 year old board certified cardiologist practicing in Glendale, California.

I have suffered from symptoms of colorectal cancer for the past 2 years.  I decided not to seek medical attention regarding this illness.

On January 17, 2010 my condition reached a crisis.  I had complete intestinal obstruction for at least a week which I ignored until finally I had severe abdominal pain,  bloating and was vomitting vile fecal odored material.  I thought it was the end of my earthly existence that I wrote my last will and testament.  At my mother’s insistence, I decided to enter Glendale Memorial Hospital.

Before checking in the hospital, I telephoned my brother Edgar who lives here in Manila.  He and his wife Arlene telephoned Fr. Borromeo and asked him to pray for me.  He did and told them to bring him my picture the following morning.  They presented him a photo where there were three of us.  Upon seeing it Fr. Borromeo pointed and told them,  “He is the one who is sick.  He has a big obstructing tumor at the end of the descending colon.”  He apparently even drew a diagram of lesion.  Arlene asked him if it is malignant and he apparently said that 80% it is but it has not spread.  He was hoping that they would not perform a colostomy for if they did it might be permanent and can not be reversed.  As I was thousands of miles away Father asked if they could confirm his findings.

Edgar then made the telephone call.  My brother, Dr. Jonathan Aguas answered and stated that I can not answer as I was at that time undergoing colonoscopy which corroborated Fr.’s findings.

Upon entering the hospital X-rays were obtained.  The radiologist said that I had intestinal obstruction secondary to a volvulus, i.e. the intestinal canal twisting upon itself.  The colorectal surgeon suggested doing a colonoscopy as sometimes they could untwist the volvulus but if this is unsuccessful they would put a colostomy to relieve the obstruction and avoid the colon from bursting.  They found a big tumor at the end of the colon and the start of the rectum.  A catheter was passed and temporarily the obstruction was relieved.   Three hours later a repeat colonoscopy was performed, biopsy obtained and a stent put in.  The next morning CT scans were obtained of my chest, abdomen and pelvis which did not show any metastasis.  The biopsy specimen submitted was read  as a well differentiated adenocarcinoma of the rectum.

I am attaching to this testimony copies of my official X-ray results, pictures of the tumor, pathology report of the biopsy and the CT scan of the chest, abdomen and pelvis.


Casimiro Family Testimony

Testimonial of the Casimiro family taken last July 31, 2010YouTube )


Background information in 2006:


From: Allan Casimiro
To: Mila Magno
Date: Sun, 20 Aug 2006 11:44:41 -0400 (EDT)
Subject: HEALING
Good Sunday Morning. My name is Allan Casimiro and I am sending this e-mail on behalf of my father and mother. My father was diagnosed with damage to his bile duct. He will undergo operation on September 19 to remove parts of his stomach, large intestines, pancreas and to remove his bile duct and gall bladder. He has growth in those areas. He is also suffering from diabetes.

My mother Tess Casimiro was diagnosed almost ten years ago with lymphangiomyomatosis which affects the lungs.
Myself, I am scheduled for a colonoscopy resulting from on-going stomach problems. I underwent a liver biopsy and I currently have a liver disease.
Thank you so much for assistance.
We look forward to attending the healing mass on September 2.
Maraming Salamat.
Allan Casimiro
—-Original Message—–
From: Allan Casimiro
Sent: Tuesday, September 19, 2006 8:46 PM
To: Mila Magno
Subject: It is truly a miracle.
Good evening Mila. I would like to share with you a truly miraculous event that happened to my family.
We attended Father Momoy’s healing mass in Scarborough on September 3. My father was diagnosed in August with tumours in his bile duct, pancreas and other organs which required extensive surgery to be performed today.
He was to have part of his stomach removed, pancreas, large intestines, gall bladder and bile duct.
Miraculously, the doctor did not see any growth this morning when they opened him up but only chronic inflammation of the pancreas.
My father is still not fully well as he is in intensive care and we are still awaiting his biopsy results. But truly Mila, this is a miracle indeed.
Credit be to Jesus Christ but I truly believe in the power of prayer and also in the healing done with the help of Father Momoy.
I would like on behalf of my family to extend my thanks. Also if you could extend our thanks to Father Momoy and Sister Sonia and inform them of this great news.
Thank you also for making this all possible.
Allan, Tess and Boy Casimiro
Etobicoke, Ontario

Brother Erwin

Erwin was at the Foothills Hospital and had been given by doctors 48 hours to live that Sunday when fellow members of the Singles for Christ had their day of recollection/healing with Fr. Momoy.  In keeping with the communal character of Trinitas Integrative Healing Ministry, he asked all present to direct intercessory healing prayers to Erwin’s direction.  What follows is the story of Charisse, the group coordinator.


From: Charisse Cilos
Subject: Thank you.
Date: Monday, August 9, 2010, 6:18 PM
Good day Sister Sonia! Si Cha po ito, from Singles for Christ sa Calgary kahapon. Just want to share the good news about our Bro Erwin. He regained consciousness na po this morning and now recovering. Thank you very much to you and Father Efren for helping us pray for him. You have been sent by God here in our place for a reason. Thank you for taking time to visit us. We pray for your safe journey as you travel to share God’s love and mercy. God bless you always po. 🙂